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Light Coffees


Light/Medium Coffees


Costa Rican - Slightly winey, clean & delicate

Brazilian - Full aroma, sweet taste, with light body


Peruvian -
 A smooth, organic coffee, with a light/medium body and light floral acidity

Columbian Full aroma, rich, complex coffee, with a medium-to-full body and a clean winey flavor


Medium Blended Coffees


Dark Coffees


Land's End Blend
- Smooth with chocolate overtones

Depot Blend - Espresso house blend, well rounded flavor and body


Smooth depth, sweet citrus overtones, with a rich body

French Roast - Very dark roast, intensely bold and full-bodied with a pleasant smoky flavor

Black Canyon Blend -  Full bodied, very popular blend, smooth but rich & dark


Exotic Coffees


Decaffeinated Coffees


Kenya AA - Dark and Flavorful, Strong and Bold


Swiss Water Process Decaf -
Sumatran, smooth good depth with rich body and citrus overtones



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